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Q-Growth Value and Criteria

selective approach

Q-Growth’s selective approach, allows the team to participate actively, dedicating the appropriate resources and time to ensure that the portfolio companies achieve their goals.

Beyond being a mere financial investor, Q-Growth intends to contribute with all its experience in developing companies to help the portfolio companies achieve their goals.

Value added:

Board of Directors support

  • Company strategy definition
  • Execution of mergers and acquisitions
  • Extensive national and international network

Operational Support

  • Reinforcement and motivation of the management team
  • Improved corporate discipline through the implementation of best practices
  • Arrange financing
  • Resources for internal and external research of different key corporate activities (cost cutting, technology, acquisitions, expansion, etc.)
  • Structuring and implementation of management incentive schemes.
Investments are selected using industry and financial criteria, as well as a competitive environment analysis:


  • Generalist approach with flexibility to invest in traditional sectors, as well as, in those industries with a technological background.
  • Companies with a niche position in industries with high growth potential and companies that are positioned in the high value added segments of the value chain. Industries with potential to carry out consolidation strategies or market disruptions.


  • Highly qualified team with strong presence in the capital of the company.
  • Leadership position with sustainable competitive advantages.
  • Minimum sales of €5 million.
  • Companies with a proven business model, with capacity to finance its ordinary business and willing to move to a new growth stage.


  • Equity ticket ranging from €4-15 million.
  • Flexibility to combine capital increases with buy-outs.
  • Investment structures combining preferred stock and common stock.
  • Majority or minority positions with reserved matters.
  • Leading investor in all transactions.
  • Investment horizon between 3 to 7 years.

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