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Alternative Investment Management since 2003

Qualitas Equity is group of asset management companies founded in 2003.

Alternative Assets

Our main purpose is to identify and manage investments in alternative assets globally. Since our inception, Qualitas Equity professional have successfully developed different business lines including private equity, global renewable energy infrastructure, fund of funds and real estate.

Over EUR 3bn invested

Over the last 15 years, we have invested over EUR 3bn debt and equity in multiple sectors and geographies, and have been awarded numerous investment and financing awards for its best practices.

Confidence & Trust

Our growth has been fostered by the support of our investors, who have provided us their trust during these past 15 years in exchange of our profesional asset management and above market returns.


Since 2003, growing through vertical specialization of our investments


In 2003, Qualitas Venture Capital (QVC) fund was created, with an initial capital commitment of EUR150m.


In 2006, Q-Energy was launched, dedicated to the investment in and management of renewable energy assets.


In 2007, Q-Energy founded Fotowatio Renewable Ventures (FRV), a leading global independent solar power producer.


In 2014, Q-Growth was launched in order to provide growth capital to the Spanish SMEs.


In 2015, we launched our fund of funds business, with Qualitas Funds I, a pan-European investment vehicle of EUR51m.


In 2017 Qualitas Equity Partners has rebranded Qualitas Equity and all of the group's investment activities have been organized in different business lines.

We launched Q-Prime, our first real-estate investment vehicle, as well as a Family Office Investment Advisory and Managed Accounts Services with original investment accounts of EUR126m.

We also launched a fund administration business, Q-Advisory, providing account management and accounting services to our clients.

Finally, we also started Q-Impact, a separate investment vehicle focused on opportunities with positive social and environmental impact.


We strive to provide results to our investors with a deep sense of professional and social commitment

Investor orientation

Our team is dedicated to maximizing return on investment and to offering new products with the highest ethical and professional standards.

  • Independent management
  • Transparency and Accountability
  • Conflict of interest alignment


Top-level team with the investment expertise and appropriate asset management skills, and dedication, diligence and discipline in our relationship with partners and investments.

  • Investment specialization and excellence
  • Accuracy and competence
  • Passion for our work


Keep a multicultural, stable and motivated team with a long-term commitment to Q-Equity.

  • Development structure based on merit and talent
  • Diversity and equal opportunity employment
  • Team work and collaboration with external partners

Social Commitment

Our loyalty to our environment, our people and our communities have fostered a deep sense of responsibility and a long term commitment with our constituents.

  • Corporate social responsibility
  • Impact investment initiatives

Value creation

Focus on value fundamentals and selective investments enabling us to ensure strong value creation for our investors.

  • Search for excellent performance and returns
  • Innovation and continuous improvement
  • Long-term sustainable value creation


We strive to add value through expertise, dedication and commitment

Investment Management

We have created five specialized vertical investment management verticals:

  • Q-Energy: Energy infrastructure
  • Q-Growth: Spanish private equity and growth capital
  • Qualitas Funds: International private equity funds
  • Q-Real Estate: Premium residential and affordable residential long term lease
  • Q-Impact: social and environmental impact investment initiatives

Advisory and Asset Management

Our growth and extensive network has also led to the creation of two specialized advisory areas:

  • Q-Advisory: Comprehensive corporate, administration and accounting services
  • Q-Energy Asset Management: renewable energy asset management and O&M services


Since our foundation, Qualitas Equity has put efforts to being a responsible corporate citizen.


From our foundation, Qualitas Equity has dedicated efforts to being a responsible corporate citizen. Our commitment to corporate responsibility is embedded into every activity we promote and every investment decision we make.

This requires taking into account environmental, social and governance issues that have real and quantifiable financial impacts over the long-term for our firm and the firms in which we invest.

We manage our clients’ capital in a responsible manner not only because we strongly believe that this philosophy will generate a higher social value, but also because it will bring larger benefits for our investors.

Qualitas Funds became a signatory of Principles for Responsible Investment, a United Nations initiative created in 2006 by an international network of institutional investors whose main goal is to implement the six Principles for Responsible Investment and to assist signatories in integrating these issues into investment and ownership decisions. Currently they count on more than 1,400 signatories from more than 50 countries representing assets worth $60 trillion.

Principles for Responsible Investment

Human capital

As an asset management firm, our long-term sustainability is heavily dependent on our people.

We put strong emphasis in fostering a culture that encourages inclusion, diversity and personal development, both in our company and in the companies we invest in.

We believe that our activity has an impact in our society around us and we want to make sure this spirit of responsibility permeates through all levels of our business by setting corporate and individual objectives specifically related to human capital.


Qualitas is committed to using our resources responsibly to support the long-term sustainability of our firm and of the global environment.

Our sustainability efforts are directed to reduce energy consumption and our carbon footprint, and also to promote and invest in businesses that help the figth against climate change.

We offer a number of sustainable investing opportunities channeled through Q-Energy, that specializes in renewable asset investing and operation.

We also recognize the growing need to bring together financial results and environmental or social impact.