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QEP Mutual Private Equity Fund I successfully closed in October 2016 with commitments for €51.2MM and €60 MM of investment capacity.
Qualitas Mutual Private Equity Fund II held its second close in December 2017 and is targeting a size of €70-100MM, of which up to 30% for co-investment.

QEP Mutual Private Equity Fund

The fund has been fully committed to 13 primary funds that invest in 14 different countries in Europe plus numerous co-investments to date throughout Europe.

The Fund focuses on European Lower Mid Market private equity funds of €50-500 MM:

  • Favourable balance between supply and demand
  • Lower acquisition prices for Lower Mid Market
  • More improvement potential with SMEs
  • Higher IRR returns for Lower Mid Market funds
  • Lower risk due to lower debt leverage and cheaper prices

Qualitas Mutual Private Equity Fund II

  • The targets 10-12 Best-in-Class private equity funds from the European Lower Mid Market
  • Size of underlying funds: €50-500 MM
  • Underlying companies: 100-150
  • Geographic: the six most important European regions (Benelux, France, Germany, Italy, the Nordic Region and United Kingdom)
  • No more than 15% of the Fund in any one underlying fund
  • Co-investments of up to €2MM in 10-15 companies (maximum 30% of the fund)

[Download here the KID document of Qualitas Mutual Private Equity Fund II]