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Menorca 2020 is a project for the development and construction of three large-scale hybrid plants (solar PV with batteries) on the island of Menorca, promoted and developed by Q-Impact. Each of the hybrid plants has a capacity of between 10-15MW and are all located close to the current electricity grid for their interconnection.

Menorca 2020 will offer an alternative that (i) reduces the cost of electricity generation (€/Mwh) compared to the current one, (ii) reduces CO2 emissions and environmental pollution as a consequence of the disconnection of Mahón’s thermal power plant during the day, and (iii) generates a sustainable energy reference model for the rest of the islands.

The opportunity to develop the first project of this type in Spain arises due to the extensive experience and knowledge of the Qualitas group in the renewable energy sector, and the current momentum of the energy transition project promoted locally for the Balearic Islands.